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The PDO of Marche

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Prodotti tipici

Carpegna ham PDO

Prodotti tipici

Casciotta d'Urbino DOP

Prodotti tipici

Cartoceto Oil PDO


Promotion and preservation of brand productions are guaranteed through Quality Assurance and Product Certification, such as DOP (DPO, Protected Designation of Origin).

Typical inland products are: pork and cured meats, such as Carpegna ham and salami alla cacciatore (salami with sweet pepper and tomato) known as PDO and boasting a centuries-old sharecrop tradition.

For cheese lovers worth tastino is fossa cheese (strong, cavern-aged cheese) and a wide range of mountain pecorino ewe's milk cheese. Casciotta di Urbino is a very tasty type of cheese; it was much appreciated by the famous painter and sculptor Michelangelo.

Marche’s olive oil and honey are recommended too. Extra virgin olive oil from Cartoceto and top quality Millefiori honey are well-known. 
Healthy food lovers can appreciate the quality of products in “agriturismo” (any accommodation on farms) and in restaurants and can enjoy a wide range of events taking place in the Marhe region all around the year.

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